Monday, June 22, 2009

A Bad Bolivian Day

Today started as a good Bolivian day and ended as a bad Bolivian day.

This morning I was excited about my first day of English classes. It quickly went downhill as I arrived and only had one student. I´m not exactly sure why to be honest. I have my suspicions that students don´t want to have classes during their holiday vacation and that it was poorly announced.

There is also the question of whether English is the most effective use of these student´s time. I would only be teaching them written English because they are deaf most don´t have verbal skills. How often in the future would it be beneficial for them to have a minimal knowledge of written English? English is incredibly difficult to read and understand unless you have a solid grasp of grammar and vocabulary. I couldn´t possibly teach that to them in the short time I am here.

Whatever the reason, it was somewhat defeating to teach one student for two hours. I am also completely unmotivated to prepare my lesson for tomorrow.

On a happier note, Bolivia has a fantastic supply of pirated DVD´s for sale for about a buck each. I bought three! It´s kinda a fun surprise to turn them on for the first time and see if they are in English or Spanish.

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  1. Glad we got to talk this morning and chat this evening. Love you and I'm glad you're feeling better after having a bad day.

    Hugs Kari-oso!