Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Bolivia is my Giving Tree

Somehow, everything I think about happens.

-I miss The Daily Show, it appears.
-I write that the only show I still haven´t seen is Law and Order, it comes on the next night.
-Mom asks if I´ve had Mexican Maize con Queso, we have it for dinner the next night.
-Anne Schmeege asks if I´ve been trying flan much, we have it for dessert.
-I talk to Everett about Al Franken, he wins!

I´m telling you, this is some kind of magic power Bolivia has. I´m going to concentrate really hard on world peace for awhile. Just kidding, I´ll really be thinking about large sums of money.


  1. think about me getting a job. screw world peace.

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  3. Have you called your mother? hehe Oh wait, why yes! Yes, you have!