Saturday, June 27, 2009

An Exciting Discovery

If I was a 15 year old teenage girl I would be able to legitmately type 'OMFG' right now follwed by a high-pitch scream. Since I´m not, I´ll have to settle with 'YES!'

Earlier this week I realized that the TV at home plays episodes of the Gilmore Girls every morning. Super exciting! Made my day.

Then, today I disovered that CNN rebroadcasts an episode of The Daily Show each Saturday morning from 9:30-10:00. I nearly peed my pants.

I have actually been craving The Daily Show since I arrived. In my hotel room the 1st day I found it so unfair that they have Fox News playing, including O´Reilly and that idiot Glenn Beck but no Daily Show.

Last night, possibly a divine-inspired dream (more likely another Malaria medicine side-affect) I dreamt that I broke my ankle, was in a wheelchair, was on The Daily Show, and gave Glenn Beck a severe tongue-lashing. Then for some reason myself, Jon Stewart and Steven Colbert (who were also in wheelchairs) were brought out to a large semi-truck and we were all pushed aboard so they could bring us home. Oh, and George W. Bush was also there. I have no clue why.

Anyway, I´m pumped and I´m sure that I sound a little crazy right now but I´m excited that two of my all-time favorite shows are played in Bolivia. Now if only I could get My Boys and Law and Order.

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  1. Fascinating. I don't get the Gilmore Girls thing, of course (except for the Lauren Graham factor), but still... fascinating.