Friday, June 19, 2009

The Fantastic Unexpected

Every day I come across something unexpected. Sometimes it is because I don´t understand everything that is said to me in Spanish or sign language but usually it is simply because I am unfamiliar with the normalicies of day-to-day life in Santa Cruz.

My first morning in Santa Cruz while I was staying in a hotel I was surprised to find that EVERYTHING was closed. Restaurants, stores, banks. I was penniless, hungry, and bored. I found out the next day that it was the Corpus Christi holiday.

The first time I used my host family´s computer I was greeted by my 11 year old host brother who pulled up a chair, sat down, and stared intently at everything I did.

At the destination on my first taxi ride to work I was annoyed to find that the driver over-charged me by 3 Bolivianos. (About 42 cents). I surprised myself when I argued for the correct price, called him a jerk, and slammed the door.

Today I saw the wild side of Julia Jimenez, the Catholic school, when the wonderful sounds of Michael Jackson´s Thriller was pumped through the courtyard. Even better--seeing a class of 12 year old students in perfect Thriller monster coordination.

Next Monday I start teaching an optional English course for students at ASOCRUZ during their winter break. This weekend I will be shopping for supplies and planning my classes. I´m nervous about teaching since I´ve never done it before but I´m thinking about bringing Oreos to win over the students.

Most importantly this weekend, I´ll be sleeping in with no alarm!


  1. Hope you have a great weekend sounds like you are having fun -- so brave. The Girls have asked about you several times, and want the latest updates so keep em coming.

  2. i'll be sleeping in your bed with no alarm!

  3. Bring the Oreos. Its always nice to win, but its just a little funner when you know for sure you are going to win by cheating.

    Lean a little, cheat a little, have a little fun.

    Nothing gets hands going up with answers like candy.

  4. And stay away from the boys