Saturday, June 27, 2009

A Good Bolivian Day

Last night Kattia and I attended a meeting of the ASOCRUZ deaf organization. ASOCRUZ is a large group that encompasses the school and acts as a support organization of the entire deaf community of Santa Cruz.

Kattia and I went to the meeting as a last ditch effort to get people interested in the English class I am teaching. While there we found out that there was somewhat of a disagreement between the president of the organization and the principal of the school about my English classes.

From what Kattia and I understood, before I arrived the principal (who is hearing and knows very little sign language - and who I am guessing has only been principal for a short time) wanted to charge students 5 Bolivianos (Around 80 cents) each to attend classes. The president (who is deaf) thought that was a crap idea because 5 Bolivianos can be a lot of money for someone who is poor in Bolivia. In the end, the president gave up and I ended up working with the principal.

Last night I talked with the president and he agreed to ask the larger group if they were interested in classes. (Free of charge, because why the heck would I charge people for something I am doing for free)

Sixteen people signed up!
They were really excited too.

I´m really glad that this was resolved and I feel like I have a legitimate explanation as to why my classes were so small.

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  1. Yay! 16 Wow! This is going to be so much more fun to prepare for!