Saturday, June 13, 2009

Merry-Go-Round Brain

I officially have Merry-Go-Round Brain.

I sit in my room and my brain spins around throwing words and ideas in every direction. I´m just trying to hold on. My body literally hurts from the weight of all this Spanish that is constantly being dumped into my mind. I figure that letting my brain off-gas some of this weight will do me good. It will make room for more words and thoughts. I can´t help but stare at the white wall while my eyes blur with exhaustion and my mind runs in twenty different directions.

How do I say ¨if¨again?
What was the word for ¨maybe¨?
What are the names of my family members?
How the hell do I conjugate verbs?

My mind is going so fast and yet is so tired that I can´t even bear to look at English words. I can´t do anything but stare into space. I hold my book in front of me so if anyone looks in the room they wont think I´ve turned crazy-like.

This is payback.

I should have listened closer to Profesora Brown during the last year. Now I have to play catch-up for all the times I didn´t do my homework or didn´t practice outside of class. I´m positive that this is payback for not studying for my final exam.

This is Spanish class karma.


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  2. Kari -
    I am so very proud of you. I've always loved the fact that you don't do things half way. You jump in feet first and immerse yourself in something.

    And you do it so well. You really, really do.

    Good thing you always liked the Merry-go-round.

  3. You'll be ok.... painful while your brain struggles to transition, but give it a week or two and you'll turn a corner. Have faith in the fact that your brain knows more spanish than you are consciously aware.

    Besides, I'm sure people won't think you're crazy. They'll probably just think of you as the stupid girl who walks funny.


  4. Kar, Kar, Kar. Welcome to life while abroad. I agree with Everett's comment: it'll come soon enough and you'll turn a corner. In fact, before you know it you may very well start seeing your Spanish begin to influence your English. It's the beauty (and utter frustration at times) of learning another language, of eating it, of sleeping it, of being it. This is such a cool journey, though. Your brain will stop hurting soon. I promise! Thinking of you and wishing I was there!