Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Today is a nothing to report day.

Life is good. Life is normal. My Bolivian life is starting to fit like a familiar pair of shoes.

The days have a steady rhythm. Wake up, work, lunch, work, dinner, sleep. (And a few things in between) Each day I fall asleep thinking in Spanish and wake up in English. Hopefully it wont be long before my mind forgets English all together.

I was riding in a taxi today and realized that I understood the lyrics to the song on the radio. I closed my eyes and my head fell backwards as I concentrated on the slightly offensive lyrics. I couldn´t help but smile.

Slowly, my grammer is improving. Often my verb forms come out jumbled with no logical endings. Today I am fairly certain that I correctly used the present perfect form in conversation (¿Arturo, has visitado Vallegrande? -- Profesora S. please correct me if I was wrong.)

A little victory.


  1. Please don't forget English until I'm fluent in Spanish Kari-oso!

    Te amo!
    Patricia (su madre)

  2. Karita...:"¿has visitado Vallegrande?" es 100%perfecto! Proud o' you! You'll be a Spanish speaking whiz in NO time. This is so great! We can talk about people in Spanish now!! ;) Tee hee hee! Estoy bromeando. :)