Monday, June 29, 2009

Odd Bolivia

Candles burning for the Virgin of Cotoca. From what I gather, someone saw the Virgin Mary in a tree stump. Now, everyone goes to Cotoca to pray to her.

The Catholic church in Cotoca. I think it is lovely.

Catholic guy blessing cars in Cotoca. A little of his water hit my leg. I´m just happy that it didn´t burn a hole.

On the left a woman holding out a piece of cardboard and on the right a monkey at a zoo. Stupid stupid people.

For some reason all pharmacies have religous names. Virgin Mother, Divine Child, etc. etc.

Our neighborhood strip club. Literally just two houses down.

Kattia and Alvero´s house. We live on the first floor.


  1. Great photos, Kari! (Great photo captions, too!)

  2. Love the pictures - I like seeing what you're seeing! That's a great shot of the candles and I'm telling your grandma that you're working nights at the strip club.

  3. Man... your sister's a tough sell.

  4. Did you hear about the lady that had a monkey/chimp rip off her friends face? Keep that in mind next time you're at the zoo.