Tuesday, June 9, 2009

One More Day

Lindsay and I made pancakes this morning. Well, I ended up making them because she quit after I poured all the batter into one large pan for a gigantic pancake. They were delicious, she can't deny it. 

I'm having a hard time getting into the trip mindset. Despite the fact that I have around 25 hours until my flight leaves tomorrow I keep finding fun things to distract me from packing. Making gigantic pancakes, watching The Daily Show, calling my mom, surfing the internet, reading the latest Sarah Vowell book. 

Everyone keeps asking, "You ready!?". The answer is, "NO!!". 

I realized yesterday that I haven't gotten my insurance card from the U's Learning Abroad Center. Kind of a big deal since I'm leaving tomorrow. I called, no answer, left a message, no call back. I have resigned to accept that these things happen. I can't control their process and I will simply have to let them figure it out. (Hopefully involving an express package to Bolivia). 

I'm confused how I can still be so sick (two weeks running) when I have taken so many different medicines to prepare me for any kind of disease I might run into in Santa Cruz. I got the required Yellow Fever shot a week ago, I have taken the full regimen of Typhoid medicine, and today I start the Malaria prevention pills. How can the doctors be so careful about travel diseases yet not fix my congestion, exhaustion, and stiff muscles and joints? 

Anyway, I'm rambling because I don't want to start packing. Hopefully my next entry will be via Santa Cruz on June 11th!

P.S. My cell phone and computer are staying in Mpls - contact me through e-mail. Bach0189@gmail.com


  1. Today you leave on an adventure of a lifetime. I admire and envy your boldness and ability to go out into the world for extended periods of time. I am able to live vicariously through you and that works for me at the moment.

    I know you take a piece of us with you to share with them and that you'll bring a piece of them back for us.

    Happy wanderlust Kari-oso!

  2. Dang, I'm so impressed at your relative level of calm. Here's hoping you have a good trip, hop-scotching across the Americas toward your destination. You are missed in 202 MH and elsewhere, I am sure.

    Travel safely. Live long and prosper (I'm making the vulcan hand gesture).