Friday, June 26, 2009

Rachel´s Last Night

Rachel leaves today. She has been living in Santa Cruz and working at Alalay, an orphanage for girls, for the last 6 weeks.

Last night we went out for a typical Santa Cruz dinner in her honor.

Holding baby Sergio while Kattia is eating.

Lydia giving blood sausage a try.

Trying my first and last bite of blood sausage. Blood sausage is exactly what it sounds like. Cooked blood in sausage casing. I also tried cow udder and intestine. I prefer cow udder to blood sausage. My least favorite was the intestine. It was chewy and green goo came out.

This is what Kattia and Alvero ordered. Kattia explained that in Bolivia they generally eat all of the parts of the cow.

Rachel eating her oh-so completely non-vegetarian dinner.

Little Joel is so excited to go to dinner that he is trying to push the car out of the driveway.

I´ve been in a lazy read-all-day mood lately. I´ll write a more informative post sometime this weekend.


  1. Your pictures rock. And I have to say, that Rachel person is beautiful. And your eyes look unfathomably green in that one shot of you holding the baby.

    It's been a weird 24 hours here in the States. The entire planet seems to be kvetching over this odd little, freakishly talented man who died. And somehow, I can't help but feel a little personally touched by the tragedy of what his life became, how remarkable he was, gone at 50. 50! I'm 45, KB. This rocks my world just a little. What did it look like in your corner, I wonder.....

    Live long and prosper, Kari.

  2. MJ is pretty well-known here. It was on all the news channels and my host mom came in that night and yelled: Michael Jackson es muerte! (Michael Jackson is dead!)

    My host grandpa, Hugo (pronounced Oo-go) who is turning 85 this weekend wanted to talk about it too. He said that he knew a lot of his songs. He was disappointed when he heard that his death might have involved drugs.

  3. derick (as in dan's derick lol)7/02/2009 04:37:00 PM

    omg your food descriptions made me gag.
    i don't think i would last long there haha
    love your blog :)