Sunday, July 12, 2009

Driving Around S.C.D.L.S.

Reisa arrived on Friday and today the family took a driving tour of Santa Cruz de la Sierra. Stops included Plaza 24 de Septiembre, el catedral, manzana uno (which has a handicrafts market every Sunday, Palacio de Justicia, Universidad, un mercado (to buy supplies for Alalay), Barrio Equipetrol (where we went for lunch), and Av. Monseñor Rivero. By the time we arrived home everyone was exhausted (some of us crying) and we took a collective family nap.

Driving around Santa Cruz. Joel is hiding!

Sergio really wants the camera and I´m not gonna give it to him!

Reisa and I stopped to take a picture of this building (I thought that it was funny that it´s a government building and is called House of Culture - like House of Pancakes) Two other tourists who were walking by noticed us taking pictures and wanted in on the cultural action! At first they tried to read the sign and find the significance of the building, failing to understand that the building had no real importance they then pulled out their lonely planet guidebook and tried to look it up. As we were leaving they quickly snapped a picture.
It´s funny how easy it is to convince someone that a completely random building is important by simply taking a picture of it.

Mom and Pop (Kattia and Alvero) at a going away party for Nina.

I think that this is some of the coolest graffiti I´ve found.

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