Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Good Mornings

What is this happy feeling that seems to have sprouted deep inside my stomach?

That prickly resistance I´ve felt for so long is fading. My defenses are wearing thin and my acceptance of all things Santa Cruz is growing.

For so long all I could see were the differences that covered every wall and human within sight. I´ve started to see people going about their lives and their jobs in the same ways the have for generations before I arrived and in the same way they will for generations after I leave.

Some days I feel like everything that surrounds me is unfamiliar but I have to remind myself that I am the foreigner here.

I love waking up in the morning to my job at the orphanage. I love taking the 45 minute bus ride through the markets. Through street upon street of stalls overflowing with brooms and bread and rice and dead chickens hanging by their feet. I love the fast paced traffic that stops for nothing. I love to stop and pick up a Salteña each morning with its crispy dough outside and its warm greasy meaty inside. I love ringing the doorbell at Alalay and hearing the kids run to answer. I love knowing what kind of fantastic kids are waiting on the other side of the door.


  1. I love seeing it through your eyes and knowing that you love it and are happy.

    I love YOU, Kari Bacher.


  2. i think you would have more fun being unemployed with me.

  3. Nice post, KB. How's the spanish coming? Have you turned a corner in terms of the exhaustive effort required thinking in three languages? Is it getting easier? How about the dreams -- any in spanish yet?

    You're missed back here in the PO, although it's been a pretty nice, Kari-free summer. And lots of Anchorage-like weather, so I'm feeling really spoiled and very much at one with nature. More or less. Oneness with nature is a relative concept.


  4. No dreams in Spanish yet. Although my roomate talks in her sleep in Spanish. She must be way ahead of me and she has only been here a week.

    Lindsay, I thought you had a job at a coffee shop. Not exactly unemployed anymore is it?