Saturday, July 11, 2009

Hello again.

Hey, it´s been awhile. That´s a good sign right?

It is!

I´ve been busy. Kattia and I decided that it was time to start a new project. English classes are still kinda sketchy and Bolivia has decided to extend its H1N1 vacation for another two weeks. (Over a month of vacation so far - I wouldn´t be surprised if there is more) So on Thursday I started working at Alalay, an orphanage for girls.

I love it. It is fun and exhausting and the kids absolutely love to be hugged non-stop. Next week I´ll start planning things for them to do during the day, crafts, games, etc. But this week I just hung out and gave them as much love as I could.

I´m not entirely certain the circumstances that have brought each girl (and one boy) to Alalay but from what I have gathered most still have parents who live in the vicinity of Santa Cruz but they are not able to care for them for whatever reason. I´ll write more in the coming weeks.

Gotta go. But check out what my mom is doing in Bulgaria for the week.

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