Friday, July 24, 2009

I´m Rocky

I´m going all out. My stomach has proven it´s strength and it´s street food and tap water until August 14th.

I realized this week that the lemon-lime drink I´ve had each afternoon at Alalay is made with tap water. I´ve been consuming plenty of unboiled, unbottled water without a single problem.

My innards have proven their strength over the last month. I can handle anything.

So I´ve decided that nothing is gonna hold me back. There are delicious smelling foods on every street corner and in every market and there is no reason I shouldn´t be consuming them.

Chicharrón - fried pork
Mocachinchi - a dark brown drink with a shriveled peach at the bottom
Maracuya - sweet fruit.
I´m ready for it all.

So it´s official. Here is my first conscious glass of tap water. Everything else, here I come.

(Don´t worry mom. Of course I´ll still be somewhat cautious.)