Monday, July 20, 2009

A little something personal

On Friday my parents finalized their divorce. For the last week I´ve been torn between wanting so badly to be with my family and wanting to be as far away as possible.

I imagined that I would have something I would want to write, something I needed to get off my chest. But now that the day has come and gone I´m out of words.

So instead I´ll share a little something I wrote for my mom about a year ago.


Days will come and go when remembering the love you and dad shared seems difficult. Know that your three children, born out of your love and nurtured with devotion and compassionate care, are your legacy. We represent the love story that will last forever. As we live our lives, marry, have children and grandchildren, we will carry the love you instilled in us to those whom we share our lives with.

Wherever our travels lead we will honor the gifts you gave to us: knowledge, good judgment, unwavering morals, and a desire to give of ourselves. No one else could have been our parents, we were destined to be yours, and you did a magnificent job shaping our lives.

We will love you forever.

I still hold strong to these words. I think it is a testament to our family that we can endure. That our love and the bonds that tie us together are still intact.

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  1. Beautifully said Kari. Your parents did do a wonderful job and you are one amazing woman. I am happy to know you and your family. Both the way you were and what you all will become. Thinking of you.