Sunday, July 5, 2009

Paranoid Kari

From what I can tell, Bolivians as a whole tend to be a fairly paranoid bunch.

Rachel and I happened upon this topic before she left and we compiled a fairly long list of weird superstitions and instructions that we had heard since our arrival.

Here is the gist:

1. Don´t sleep with the fan pointing towards you. It sucks the air out of the room. Point it at the wall instead.
2. If you´re going to sleep with the fan on you must also cover with a light blanket. Otherwise you´ll get sick.
3. When riding in a bus always have the window open for fresh air. Otherwise you´ll get sick.
4. You must always have shoes on while walking on tile floor because the `cold´will enter through your feet and reach your head and make you sick.
5. When you buy a car you must cover it with ribbons and bring it to the priest to be blessed. If you don´t own a car, but would like to, bring a miniature car to the priest and have it blessed.
6. If you have a fever you must cover yourself with blankets no matter how hot you are.
7. If you have a fever, drink mate de coca (coca leaf tea)
8. If you have altitude sickness drink mate de coca.
9. If you have a stomach ache drink mate de coca.
10. If you have a headache drink mate de coca.
11. Interestingly enough, if you have a virus you should drink raw egg and freshly squeezed lemon juice every morning at 4:00.

After rereading the list, I realize that I have followed all but numbers 1, 5, & 11 fairly regularly since I arrived. Maybe they aren´t so ridiculous after all.


  1. To Do List:
    - stop at Target to buy midnight blue Lexus Hot Wheel (with creme-colored leather interior)
    - stop by JoAnn's Fabrics to get assortment of ribbon
    - go by Catholic church on the way home and talk to priest
    - clean out garage

  2. ¡Booooonita! Ah yes, the legend and lore that undergirds life in Latin America thanks to their loyalty to prehispanic belief systems. Pero tienes que apreciarlo porque es su cultura, ¿no?

    Oye, ¿cómo se dice "cool" al estilo bolivino? ¡Enseñame, por fa! :)