Friday, July 24, 2009

¡que huevada!

My Spanish tutor taught me a little phrase, Que Huevada, it´s a swear word that translates to something like that person really sucks. It pretty adequately expresses my frustrations at my witch doctor from Boynton.

I got a bill from Boynton today for my travel clinic appointment a few months ago. The doctor told me to get a Yellow Fever vaccination, Tyhpoid pills, and Malaria medicine. She tried her hardest to up sell me for the Rabies shots too but I declined when I found out that they were practically as much as a semester of classes.

After getting stuck with needles and having psychotic dreams for the first month of my trip I found out that there is no Malaria problem in Santa Cruz during the winter season. It is so cold that there aren´t even any mosquitoes. In addition, no one cares if you´ve had a yellow fever vaccination. Not the airport officials, not my volunteer organization, I doubt even Evo Morales himself.

My medical bills were over $300 for the pills, shots, and consultation. The travel appointment alone was $150. Over a hundred dollars to be told what else I should spend money on. I´m a student, I don´t have a full time job, and I don´t have insurance. I have to pay for this entirely out of my own pocket.

The lesson I learned is that I should just save the money, do my own research, and avoid the travel clinic entirely. I understand her desire to be cautious but there is a limit to what is actually necessary.

On top of all of that, the travel abroad center required me to purchase 2 months of insurance for an additional $150. Total amount that I got ripped off for: $450.

It´s more than anyone in Bolivia has tricked me out of.

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