Monday, July 13, 2009


Whenever the telephone rings at our house a really funny series of events happens.

Joel (age 2) runs for the phone and usually makes it there first. He picks it up and usually answers with ¨Papa!¨ no matter who is on the other end. Although, sometimes he just holds the handset up to his ear without saying anything.

Kattia is usually right behind Joel and tries to pry the phone away from his sticky hands. Joel ends up crying and the person on the phone hangs up.

Everyone walks away.

The phone rings a second time (same caller trying again). Joel makes a run for the phone. Christian tries to intercept and pulls the phone away from Joel. Joel cries. Everyone is yelling. The caller hangs up.

The phone rings a third time. Joel makes a run for it again and Kattia lets him answer. He yells ¨Papa!¨ and with a satisfied smile hands the phone over to Kattia.

I haven´t had any need to call the house yet but if I ever do, I know that it takes at least three tries to get a non-crying adult on the line.


  1. I predict that one day you, KB, will be a mother of six. You heard it here first, everyone.

  2. Heh heh heh, oh Joel. What wont he do?