Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Day Dreaming

There seems to be a few specific images that pop into my mind throughout the day to keep me warm and happy. I´m not sure why my mind repeatedly recalls these three images, but several times a day my mind is pulled to these faraway, often long ago memories.

Running down a worn dirt path that cuts through a field for night swimming in the River Sesupe. Staring at the bright night sky littered with stars while still trying to dodge cow patties in my swimsuit and flip flops. The warm summer night air in my hair and the outlines of old friends and new friends and family emerging in the darkness ahead.

Standing in the pews of a dark church lit by nothing but the lights on a Christmas tree and hundreds of candles. Joining in as Silent Night is sung in one unified voice that consumes my body and makes me weak. And then, after the music ends and everyone shuffles out into the cold to make the slow quiet trip home, watching the dark silent snow fall and cover the city in clean white sheets.

Driving through central Wisconsin on cold fall day watching the bright gold and red and orange leaves climb up the sides of the steep hills in the distance. The harvested and dormant fields stretching for miles on each side of the straight, unwavering, deserted road. Inhaling the first signs of winter with each breath of chilly air.

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  1. Nice visuals - I'm dreaming and swooped back all at the same time.