Saturday, August 1, 2009

Financial Planning

It´s countdown time.

T-minus two weeks until my flight home. I talked to my mom yesterday who informed me that my bank account is officially out of money. That means that what I´ve got stashed in my underwear drawer is going to have to last me two weeks and a plane flight home.

So here is the breakdown:
After spending $3 USD on the 25 minute call to mom, I´ve got $351.50 Bolivianos (About $53 USD at a 7-1 exchange rate).

Subtracting $25 USD for the airport departure tax, $60 Bs. for the taxi ride to the airport, $60 Bs. for 4 micro rides/day for 2 weeks (to and from work) that leaves me with $76.50 Bs. or $11 USD for 2 weeks.

So here are the rules:
No morning Salteñas ($4 bs. each)
No taxi rides anywhere ($10 bs. each)
No phone calls home ($25 bs. each)
No buying books ($30 bs. each)
No ice cream cones ($7 bs. each)
No lavandería-I´ll have to hand wash my clothes ($30 bs./load)

I´m not sure where I´ll decide to spend my remaining $11 USD, but I´m gonna make it good.

Bad news for all friends and family. I´ve put off buying gifts until now. So don´t expect any Santa Cruz magnets or t-shirts. I´ve thought of a better idea anyway. Way cooler, trust me.

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  1. We totally trust you, you fiscally responsible decision-maker!

    Love you and can't wait to hold you in my arms and smother you with kisses.

    Yo momma