Monday, August 3, 2009


My camera is dead.

We had a good run together but I guess this trip was just a little too much for her. She was only three years old but together we climbed Machu Picchu, spent a month on the beaches of Mexico, saw the Spice girls in concert, captured Christmases and birthday and in-between days.

She took the first images of my new short haircut and was there to photograph my blister the size of a grape after I bought new sandals. We witnessed Barack Obama declaring himself the Democratic nominee on my birthday and she was my only companion when I was lonely in Cochabamba. This whole month she has had a well-worn spot at the bottom of my bag as I took the Micro to Alalay each morning.

She weathered the years well. Even after the screen went out after New Years Eve in Mexico she still took pictures for another 7 months before finally puttering out. Her dedication to her family and friends, her contributions to the field of photographing my life, and her commitment to her community will not be forgotten.

Since cameras are one of the few things that are more expensive to buy here than in the U.S. (and I´m outta cash) I guess we´re all going to have to endure the next two weeks without pictures. RIP.


  1. Quite the epitaph. Nicely done. And three cheers for your camera. The two of you got some nice shots.

  2. Shall we have an official service and proper burial when you return home?

  3. Perhaps you'll get a new one for your birthday tomorrow. Oh wait! That's ME who has a birthday tomorrow!

    We'll have to go to plan B for replacement of Old Trusty.